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as a juvenile in the death of maryland juvenile employee. prosecutors want to try him as an adult. his family is found outside the building at the youth facility, at the county. lawmakers have criticized the state department's juvenile services for the handling of the case. >>> taken most of the heat out of the arizona's controversial law, at least for now. tomorrow, the law will go into force. our judge brock, some of the laws' controversial elements. out for now, the officers' requirements to check the immigration status and immigrant's requirements to carry their papers at all times. the judge says the elements should be put on hold and for the courts to resolve the issues. it's a major change in the region that ramped up for the law. police are ready to start jailing the violators, up to holding immigrants arrested without papers. protesters were out in force on what was seen as racial profiling. >> couldn't commit any more wrong. i think with my family here. >> it's a crime to be here illegally. everybody should enforce the crime in the interior of the united states including arizona. >>
to another juvenile center in maryland since the incident. department of juvenile services closed the building and fired two employees. >>> police say a child hit by a squad car last night is doing fine. it happened in the 500 block, sheridan avenue north baltimore. a 5-year-old boy darted in between two parked cars the officer driving by tried to avoid him but grazed the boy. he suffered injuries to his legs. >>> the investigation continues into exactly who drove that car into the glen falls curing yesterday's -- during yesterday's storms. it took a twist. brian. >> last night, fire crews pulled that mangled car out of the stream in west baltimore we are still looking for the driver. police say there is no need to search. it was a group of juveniles lost control of the car driving it through the barrier crashing it into the swelling stream although those waters are known to be very dangerous during storms, witnesses tell police they saw the group of kids get out of the car and runaway. >> at this time and this is just our preliminary investigation we have units on the scene as we
of maryland. >>> we have seen a lot of rain. more than we have all summer. we're looking a live look at downtown baltimore. are we on the clear, wyatt? >> kelly, i think the heaviest of the rains are behind us now. it's been one murky, rainy day across baltimore and still the chance of a popup shower or two before we clear it out tonight. let's take a look at maryland's most powerful radar. you can see a couple things. number one, there's not a lot out there right now. number two, what is out there is primarily up in cassel county and precipitation in northern and hartford county and one or two showers sneaking into carol county. look at all the clearing already going on in western maryland with the sun that come out that way. they pushed up to 90 towards hagerstown. temperatures have been held down all day thanks to the clouds and rain. spotty showers still possible. but we will see clearing conditions overnight. we'll talk about that and how things look over the next couple of days. big changes, we'll have it for you coming up. >> police arrested a man they say has been burglarizi
it was like a >>> the maryland geological survey's website lists the strongest confirmed tremor in maryland was a 3.1 in hancock out in washington county. we are live in northeast baltimore where they have seen it all this week. >> reporter: well, you know, we were fortunate, i mean, as rare as that earthquake was, it was not particularly strong relative to what earthquakes can do, but, still, the reports coming in out of montgomery county, a 3.6. abc 2 was the first on the air to report that quake, but no damage out here from the quake. the hot weather has really helped things out out here. we have really stepped on the gas. 2:00 p.m. is crunch time, we have 24 hours to go. the crews are continuing to work around the clock to get this project done. the rain was a set back and today's quake could have pushed the project back even further. here's more. >> reporter: the rain is gone, but something happened this morning that could have put the project behind even further. >> we were the first ones to bring this to you, there was an earthquake in maryland. >> reporter: you probably heard about
of central maryland. we're talking about el cot city right now, and i want to take you a little bit closer here and show you what we're seeing. as we zoom in tighter here, this is the primary area of concern. and i'm going to take the looping function here and change that so we just get the very end of the loop and show you where the storm is now. again, primarily rambles town south into wood lawn, the most dangerous part of the storm here would be right on the southern edge of it. so just north of ellicott city. so this is the area of greatest concern. again, a rare tornado warning. doesn't mean we have one on the ground. it means the potential is there this storm could spawn a tornadoic event here, so we're going to be keeping a close eye on that with maryland's most powerful radar. this warning up is through the rest of the area here. definitely want to take cover until the storm passes. one last look at it here on the radar picture, you can see where the storm is moving steady from west to east. we will have more on this storm and a look at your forecast coming up. >>> a maryland depar
storms will be possible to talk about that. show you the latest on maryland's most powerful radar all coming up in a few. >> thank you so much, way yacht. >> and they have issued another code red today. the city has opened up more cooling centers. trying to cope with the exchange -- estrange heat. and just relax in the cool temperatures. the officials say that nearly a thousand people have actually visited the city's cooling center so far this year. >> we get them in the winter and also in the summer. we're talking about the dreaded water main breaks. but that always seems to cause so many problems in the city. but unlike the summers, the city has few water works this year. >> well, the latest break was more than of a traffic problem than it was a water issue for the neighborhood. the break occurred in the 2100 block that could affect your drive home. but not your iced cold drink at home. if you are underground for 80 years, you wouldn't be in such great shape either. this was installed back in 1930. and one piece broke yesterday and early this morning, another piece went out. the cit
a lot. >>> the heat this week claimed two more deaths in maryland. the latest heat-related death is a baltimore city senior citizen and a prince george's county senior who died that has been contributed to heat. all were found inside homes without air-conditioning and room temperatures above 90 degrees. this brings the number of heat deaths in maryland up to 10. >>> and now to the gulf oil spill and word that's a new containment cap may stop the flow by monday. that could still leave millions of gallons to be cleaned up. but the government said bp may be able to use a new containment cap to contain the spill by monday. though drilling wells is a much more permanent solution, that could take weeks to complete. >> it could be sooner than that. we would be delighted if it would be but right now the government estimate continues to be the middle of august. >> meanwhile bp hopes to hook up a third shift, the hellism, to burn more gas. if the process works it could double the current count of 24,000 captured barrels a day. government has ordered bp to provide a back-up plan for wells t
2 news. >>> democracy 2010 tonight candidate robert urlich showed up today. former maryland's secretary of state is touring the state with urlich this afternoon including a stop in baltimore. roosevelt leftwich is joining us with more. >> reporter: it was a chance to meet bob and mary calling her a hard-working attorney with an extensive business background he introduced her across the area. they toured the academy on east little treat in baltimore. he praised the academy for the work for inner city youth. they talked about the need to improve education in maryland through leadership. >> when you come to a place like this you know state government works. to watch those young men and there with all the confidence in the world to stand up and start businesses that they want to be mathematicians and be protuxtive in this life. they are willing to put in a great effort to do it. >> reporter: kahne is an attorney. her last job was a special project's manager for the u.s. chamber of commerce. she has had two unsuccessful runs for office in montgomery county but she's well-known in
: at last check, 12,000 homes were still without power along with 6,000 other homes statewide. >>> maryland natural resources is investigating the death of a man during the storms. douglas smith was riding a jet ski when the storm hit. he and had a friend tried to race back to sandy point park when smith he was found later face down in the water. >>> 44-year-old died after a tree femme on the van she was drived. a 6-year-old was struck by a falling section of a tree in virginia. this tree smashed through a montgomery county home. luckily, no one was hurt. >> there's a person sitting where the tree fell on the couch. it fell right through the roof, it's right down to the floor. it crushed our piano. >> power was cut off to a plant that supplies water. authorses are asking people to curb their water use. >>> after yesterday's severe thunderstorms, it's a whole lot calmer. you're looking at a downtown picture. we have a look at your first forecast. >> the silver lining with the sold front that came through is behind it is much cooler and pleasant weather. look at some of the temperatures now.
storms moving in, maryland's most powerful radar, tracking those storms off to the west right now. these storms down in northern virginia will continue to track further and further into the baltimore area, probably arriving approximately around the 6:00 p.m. hour, 6 or 6:30. this evenings forecast, we are talking 80s. murky, humid conditions and storms moving in out of the west. again, that flash flood watch will continue into the wee hours of the morning, the second line first of which produced heavy rain. more on the outlook tonight, flash flood concerns looking ahead to the much better pattern. >>> kelly. tonight many people are dealing with the storm clean up. take a look at this mess. chelsea carlyle avenue where trees crushed two cars and scattered broken trees. one of those was robert now looking for a way to get around. >>> they make noise because the wind, thunder, lightning was all happening the same time. i didn't hear anything, and i just saw it after it came down. >>> damage we are ported all over our area, baltimore county, bge said it restored power to more than 32,
in arizona. illegal immigration is a maryland issue that's impacting the economy, education, healthcare and other areas. this week he's sending surveys to 500 candidates asking them if they support the arizona- style bill. he plans to post their answers on our website next month. >>> on the day when arizona's immigration law goes into effect the governor is scag federal appeals court to reinstate the original law. a judge stripped the arizona law of the most controversial provisions including requirements to check immigration status when enforcing other laws. immigrants requirement to carry papers at all times. >> federal government release from the court not do their job. >> federal government continues to argue immigration policy is federal responsibility. not that of the state. >>> now to important consumer alert. a new study suggests we are being expotioned to bba a cancer-causing chemical in paper receipts. environmental working groups found amount of bba in 40% of the pieces of paper tests were 250,000 times greater than product like canned food and baby go . s. the study named gi
the cooling centers. the recent extreme heat is the blame for six deaths in maryland. we'll have a list of the city's cooling centers on search for code red. working outside can be tough, but imagine steaming crabs with temperatures pushing 100 degrees or more. abc2 news stopped by the fisherman's crab deck for a look at one of the hottest jobs. >> here at fisherman's crab deck, people come to get a bite to eat and cool off. to get that food, someone has to prepare it and these are the people who make it happen in the kitchen. it's hot back here, but here's where the real men work. the real hot men. it gets warm working over these crab steamers, just ask seven year veteran, tony. >> you just sweat all day long. >> it may be hot outside, but it gets hot back here. to the tune of 160 degrees. you aren't just back here a little while, there's a lot of work to be done. >> we start at 7:00, 7:30. sometimes we don't get done until 3:00 in the afternoon. mike is the su chef and making 40-gallons of crab deck is hot enough, but he knows where the hottest job is. >> those guys
value on the lower eastern shore. heat advisory for the entire state except for far western maryland. a heat advisory here that may be upgraded to a heat warning tomorrow. maryland's most powerful radar all clear. the big theme is this -- the heat. searing heat. very hot through the evening and looking at temperatures up into the triple-digits tomorrow. heat index very, very high tomorrow. we'll talk about the dangerous heat over the weekend and when we get a relief from it all coming up. kelly. >> thanks, wyatt. >>> and three more marylanders have died as a result of the heat bringing the total this year up to 16. the victims all had underlying conditions, heart disease, high blood pressure or both and putting them at risk. one of the deaths was of a baltimore resident. >> it's critically important for people to keep themselves hydrated, drink plenty of water, and not nonalcoholic drinks. important to stay out of the heat if at all possible. >> now when it gets hot it's very important to make sure we check on our neighbors. especially the elderly who may not have air-conditioning. >
. the enterprise claims the maryland jockey club drove the track out of business by encouraging thoroughbred tracks to turn off signals. the defendants deny the claims. rose croft has been haggling over an agreement that required to it pay millions of dollars a year to receive simulcast significant -- signals. >>> the senator theatre will go dark for an undetermined period of time. baltimore businessman james cusack will take over the theater. he's expected to operate a single-screen theater with a for-profit first-run film prophecy after reconfiguration of the interior. >>> for the "extreme makeover: home edition" it was a week that was. heat, downpours, earthquake, now the rush job is over. abc2 news's sherrie johnson has more on the reveal on the fleetwood avenue in northeast baltimore and the clean-up effort that is following. >> move that bus! >> reporter: we waited a week. it was finally time to say move that bus. when the bus moved it was an emotional site. a moment of pure joy with screams, tears, laughter as the team of "extreme makeover: home edition" revealed the new girls hope to see y
the hotel as part of an investigation. how it goes outside of baltimore county. >>> maryland health officials say mosquitoes are positive for west nile virus. it is the first case this year. they were collected last week in and the area was sprayed yesterday and will spray next week. it appears at this time in the summer. health officials urge people to protect themselves from the bites. they suggest avoiding outdoor activities at dawn and dusk. wear repellent and pants and get rid of standing water from pots and cans. install the screens and make repairs to holes that you may ├ži have. >>> a nursing home has been fined after the air conditioning broke down sending temperatures above 90. it failed to maintain the heating and they served food under sanitary conditions. officials are recommending fines for lapses at the facility. all 150 people were transferred. the facility is closed. >>> temperatures will rise so baltimore city has declared a a code red alert. it will open the cooling centers. they will be open until 7 p.m. and during saturday the hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. >>
cooler. starting friday marylanders can apply for a $500 rebate on energy-efficient models. people replacing old appliances will also be able to apply for rebates. >>> a shocking revelation about credit card fees and rewards programs. turns out they act as a transfer of wealth from poor to rich. according to a federal reserve bank from boston study, about 83% of bank's revenue from credit card fees is actually obtained from cash payers and disproportionately from low-income cash payers. after accounting for rewards paid by banks households who earn more than $150,000 a year get a subsidy of about $756 on average per year. households earning $20,000 or less actually have to pay $23 a year. >>> continental airlines is testing out self-boarding at houston's intercontinental airport. passengers swiped their boarding passes at the gate which opens a turnstile to the jet bridge. an agent will be on hand to handle problems or other customer service needs. >>> in democracy 2010 tonight -- the race for governor of maryland is getting tight. governor martin o'malley and former governor bob
sunshine just really beating down across maryland and your forecast the rest of the evening, although we're above 100 in most places we'll be falling into the 90s here for your evening. so some improvement as we go into the overnight period. very hot day once again tomorrow. probably another recordbreaker. we'll talk about that and when we finally see a break in what is becoming an incredible heat wave, straight ahead. >>> even though it's hot many people still have to be outside. abc2 news don harrison has more on how you're coping with the heat and still trying to stay cool. >> reporter: even when it's hot out here some people want to get their exercise in. >> just riding a bike as long as you get to speed up a little bit you'll find your wind. >> reporter: ken terry knows if there's not much wind he can make his own breeze on a bike. >> i'm going to put my 40 to 60 miles in no matter what. i die, i die. >> reporter: if you're already thirsty it's too late. so keep yourself hydrated. >> reporter: kim gavin is with the lacrosse program and they are in the middle of their summer tourname
are battling a fire. maryland deputy state fire marshals have determined the cause of a town house fire in joppa on thursday afternoon. investigators say smoking materials smoldering inside a container initiated the blaze which caused an estimated $325,000 damage to the town house located at 620 cider press loop. over 60 firefighters from joppa-magnolia, aberdeen proving grounds, kingsville, abingdon, bel air, susquehanna hose, aberdeen and fallston fire departments responded to the fire. there were no injuries reported. >>> in the gulf of mexico, the so-called static kill, is set to be completed next week and then comes the bottom kill, plugging the well from the other end and filling it up for good. more attention is turning to the cleanup and trying to get things back to normal. here's emily shmitt. >> reporter: they get to throw out their nets again, the first open fishing day. after the fda deemed it safe to eat. >> it's going to be bad. people are going to be out of money, out of jobs. >> they are laying off 16,000 cleanup workers and about one-third of the peek work force. those
'll talk more about two different waves of relief coming our way straight ahead. >> thanks. and maryland is relao more heat deaths tonight. the first collapsed inside their home after working outdoor and is the second was found inside a home with temperatures o0 degrees. so far there have been 8 heat related deaths and they're reminding everyone to take it easy, drink water, and find a cool place to avoid getting sick or worse. >>> this heat comes with a lot of warnings, but we have one more you might not have thought about. brian keubler joins us to explain. i know it's hot out there. >> it is very hot out there. you can pretty point this gun anywhere and see triple didn't temperatures, but if you point at a playground, you'll realize this is no child's play. >>> it even looks hot outside, and if you were in it at all today, you know no matter what you did to stay cool the heat was oh pressive. >> are you feeling it? >> definitely. the sweat is pouring off of you. >> jennifer and her daughter put cut their walk short steering clear of their normal stop on the playground. a good move onc
hour. talk about our visible satellite imagery. actually, i'm sorry. maryland's most powerful radar is what we have up now. you will only see it on abc2. five sweeps and all clear. that's the first time we can say that in three days straight. once again, we are looking at a warm evening. eventually falling below 90. we'll be in the 80s and quite humid conditions on tap as well. well, i'm joined now by paul. you are the ceo of boys hope, girls hope, which is what this project is all about, of course, and talk just a little bit about what you have seen this week and of course today as well. >> i've seen basically the incredible generosity of a community coming together around a single project to help people live out their dreams. we do this all over the country and all over latin america and south america and this is the most inspirational outpouring of support from a community i've ever experienced. >> this is the -- not just the -- here in baltimore, this is our huge project and so happy to have it. this is an organization that spans not just the united states, but the globe. >> w
of school and commit crimes and enup pregnant. >>> maryland say six people laid to rest this year. the most recent death is an adult from montgomery county. two people died from baltimore county and four of the victims died inside homes that did not have air conditioning. we have an important health reminder. scorching temperatures and high humidity can take a toll on you and it is important you watch out for the signs of heat-read emness. dehydration symptoms are nausea, and fever. and dizziness. >> low grade is what you will start with. 99-degree temperature. as you become much sicker and approach heat stroke, really, a temperature can get over 103 degrees. >>> now, if you have any signs of heat exhaustion. drink plenty of water. it can turn into a heat stroke which is an emergency situation. >>> it is a great start to the fourth of july weekend. looking at a live picture downtown. the big question everyone wants to know, how is the weekend shaping up. hey, mike. >> hi, kelly. lots of sunshine and low hum and temperatures below average. we will watch it come right back. and hotter than th
certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> stormy afternoon but we needed that rain. >> that's the thing kelly. certainly we saw some lightning damage, earlier, downed trees i'm sure. but we were at such a deficit, even with the rain we've got saturday, we were 2 1/2" behind in most areas. we needed it, we've got it, one day unsettled with showers, and going to change for the better going into mid-week if you like the sunshine. >> most of us do. >> we also want to watch the lawn go from tan to green. >> can't have it all. >> let's look at wet roads in the inner harbor. vic conditions, a lot of storm runoff as well throughout the afternoon, this heavy downpour is creating some briefly flooded roads actually in some of the urban runoff areas. 74 the current temp. that's a beautiful cy effect of a passing round of showers and storms on a july day. earlier we were up close to 90 in most spots, show you those in just a second. but i do want to show you a couple of shots across the area, relatively cloudy and murky out there at the inner harbor, tak
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